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Recruitment & Staffing

Recruitment & Staffing

Lucon Consulting is an established name in the domain of manpower recruitment from quite some time now. We offer the finest staffing solutions for companies seeking high performing talent to smoothen their growth. Once we partner with our client, we study thoroughly their recruitment strategy, hiring policies and working culture. We also keep track of latest trending Talent acquisition strategies such as workforce mobility, skills in demand, and current systems in place. This helps in better understanding to get best possible match for the client.

We have partnered with more than 200 clients (many of them, Fortune 500 companies), in the past 12 years. And to serve them, we have a team of 100+ specialized recruiters spread across Lucknow, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata and many other cities across India under work from home concept, all focused on recruitment operations for various sectors.

We bring to you the following benefits when you choose us as your recruiting partner:

  • Experienced team at your service.
  • Best possible turnaround time.
  • Global database of job seekers.
  • Best available assessment techniques.
  • Services at competitive rates.
  • Global exposure and recruiting trends.

Our Staffing services include.

  1. Permanent Staffing
  2. Contractual Staffing
  3. Temporary staffing
  4. Contract to hire

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